Friday, March 20, 2009

How’s ya Brackets

March Madness is here. I love it. I bet I don’t watch one game all year til March. When the tournament starts I watch every game I can. I love it and I always fill out a bracket. I was 12 and 4 yesterday, but the first round is fairly easy. It will get tough in the second round and guessing, like I do, ain’t gonna get. But, it’s fun to do anyway.

I just finished these two paintings last week. everyone loves the Hank Williams painting, no one commented on the American Flag Pig. Go figure.

I have mentioned before how I love thrift shops. Well look at what I found yesterday. The black shoes are Gripfast, made in England, they retail for $150, I paid 8.99. The brown shoes are made by Rockport and I don’t know what they retail for, but I paid 10.99 for them. Both pair are like new, I can’t believe how lucky I got. I’m as happy as a little girl.

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