Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Decided to go to Mobile this past weekend for a couple of reasons. One, we had not seen either of our Familys in awhile and two, Tracy needed to get some lumber.

Before we leave, we flip through the book “Southern Belly” by John T. Edge. It’s a compilation of unique southern food destinations that some friends gave us several years ago. We’ve used it on another trip we made from Atlanta to Little Rock and had some great food adventures. So, we looked through the listings for Alabama and decided to stop at Chuck’s Bar-b-que in Opelika.

Friday morning about 9:30, we packed a suitcase, put George in the cab of the truck and headed to Mobile. We have three dogs, George is the one that travels best. Brownie and She She will keep each other company while we are gone. Marcia May will feed them twice a day. She’s our neighbor who happens to be a Dog Sitter. We couldn’t travel so much without her expert services.

About an hour and forty minutes down Interstate 85 South, we exit at number 60 - Opelika. Turn right and follow the signs. It’s not far till we see the smoke billowing from the building.

We are early and that’s a good thing. Because after we order and make it to a booth to wait for our number to be called there is a line of about a dozen customers. Everyone from Farmer Brown to the local businessmen are qued and waiting to order. I notice, as I wait for them to call ticket #3, that most folks don’t even look at the the menu board we had to use, to place their order.

Ticket #3 is called and I go pick up a tray of bar-b-qued chicken, a chipped pork sandwhich and sides of slaw and beans. I haven’t had chicken off the grill in I don’t know how long. This chicken is so good I make a note to self, self I say, bar-b-que chicken at home real soon. The sandwhich and sides are delicious as well. We take turns eating off each others plate.

Sated and satisfied we hit the road again, south to Mobile. I am already thinking about the burger I plan on ordering tonight at Butch Cassidys’.

And that’s where the evening finds us. With Jim and Betty, tucked into a four topper at the bar and grill that serves the “soon to be famous” burger. And its good. It ain’t no ghetto burger, but it’s good.

And that is what this weekend is all about it seems. Food. Nothing real fancy, but lots of good home cooking.

The next night we dine with Nancy and Marion at La Pizzeria. This place has the best pizza in Mobile if you ask me. Very thin curst with very fresh toppings. Just two or three different toppings on each pie and never to much sauce. I especially like the White pizza. They also have great pasta dishes and great service. And lets don’t forget the martinis, ice cold and best by the dozen.

Like I said, this weekend seems to be about good home cooking and Sunday morning is the best. Mom and Dad lay out a breakfast like never before. Well, not since the last Sunday we were home. Because Sunday brunch, when any one or more of their children are home is the same. A large pot of cheese grits, eggs, scrambled, bisquits the size of small hubcaps, bacon, sauage, banana bread, sweet rolls, jellies, juice and coffee.

And that my friend gets us back to Atlanta, where we fall into bed and try to sleep it off. But thats gonna require a trip to the gym.

I did get some old lumber thas was part of a Mardi Gras float. So some lucky person will get something built from it.

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