Monday, October 8, 2007

Little Rock

That’s where Stacey and I spent the weekend. Just hanging out with oldest sister, eating, drinking and trying to stay out of jail. OK, so there was really no chance of anyone going to jail, but we tried.

Like I have said before, I like to visit Arkansas, and I like Little Rock. Each time I go I find something else I like about it.

This time it was David Family Kitchen. We called to get the location and we were told 23rd and Roosevelt ave. We thought it might be a rough neighborhood, we hoped it was rough cause you always find good soul food in the hood. Well it wasn’t rough at all, in fact it was a beautiful neighborhood. It was marked by signage as the Little Rock Historical District. The homes were awesome. They were old and big and all different styles of design. There was also a beautiful cemetery that appeared really large. Next time I am there I plan to visit it. I’m thinking a long walk after a huge meal of fried chicken, meatloaf, black-eyed peas, mac and cheese, lima beans, cream corn, spinach casserole and cornbread. That’s the kind of stuff we had at DFK. And it was great.

We also ate a the local oyster bar. It was a dive and that’s what attracted me to it. Once again, places like soul-food joints and oysters bars should be dives, in tough neighborhoods. Well this place was a dive and the fried oysters and shrimp were good, but I must say the gumbo, and etouffee really, really sucked. I know gumbo and I know etouffee and not only did this stuff suck, but it didn’t come close to being what each was named. We didn’t let that bother us, we were glad we tried it, marked it off the list.

I can’t wait to get back and try Juanita’s Mexican Restaurant I found on the internet that the locals say is the best!

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