Thursday, October 4, 2007

Let me tell ya ’bout my dawgs

I am talking Brown Boy, George, She She. These are my dogs, I’m supposed to be taking care of them, but I think they are taking care of me. Here’s the line up.

Brown Boy. One day in 1987,. I was working at the pawn shop on Peters St. in Atlanta and I found this little black dog out front, I brought her in the shop and feed her. She was a small puppy and I knew right where she came from. The auto parts place across the street. It was basically an in-town junk yard. So I took this little black dog home and took care of her for the next 18 years. Brown Boy is her grandson, her name was Black Girl.

Brown Boy or Brownie or Brown or Mr. Brown Boy actually has a brindle coat. He has long, thick hair. He is a lover, as all my dogs are.


George, if you have met George I don’t have to tell ya. If you haven’t, the first thing your gonna do when ya see George is smile. He has that affect on everyone when they first meet him. He is a well dressed, kinda well behaved mix of Basset Hound and Black Lab. He is like a big black and white Basset. I found George roaming the streets and have been taking care of him for about 3 years now. Right now he has a bum foot he can’t walk on unless he needs to get upstairs to eat! Then he seems alright.
geo anf tsh

She She is a coyote. No shit, I went to the mountains and found and wrestled She She away form her full grown coyote mother. I really found her in my front yard, but my vet said she looks just like a coyote. I did some research and she does. She is also a murderer! I swear, she kills all kinds of small animals. She even eats the rabbits she catches. But really she is a lover also. She She thinks she runs the show, but Geo and Brown will let her know who the new comer is when ever necessary.

Dogs are good to have, if you don’t have any get yourself a few. It’s easy, they are everywhere and you can always go to the humane society and save ones life.

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