Monday, June 2, 2008


Damn, time goes so fast. I never have enough time to do all I want each day. Discipline is the main problem I’m sure, but I’m gonna blame it on something else. Writing this blog sometimes gets pushed to the back of the list and I hate that, cause I really like to write it. And I love all the positive feedback from you “dear reader”. Right now I got a butt load of stuff to share with you and I look forward putting it into words and photos here on sososouthern. So, please stay tuned.

We have eaten at Cuerno since I first mentioned it. We also had a really great night at the Feed Store with our old friends John and Rhonda. They have a restaurant on St. Simons Island I need to tell you about. The Feed Store rocks and as always it’s treat to dine there.

Belize, hell yea. Been there done that. Check out this photo, taken by yours truly, I mean taken by Stacey. Those are her toes! Nice.


More on Belize soon.

There is so much more, but it’s late Sunday night, we just did a Frogmore Stew and some tequila and I can’t seem to recall it all right this second. Please stay tuned dear reader, (thank you Holden) I got all kind of good stories and photos for ya.

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