Monday, May 19, 2008

Have you seen these guys lately?

If so please let me know. I have no idea who they are, but I bet they know a lot about the pig and I yearn to learn.

Today I read an article about a fellow named Riccardo Ullio. He has opened his fourth restaurant as of late and I’m quite interested in going to Cuerno, the one that specializes in Spanish food. What grabbed my attention about this restaurant in particular was the mention of the jamon and how it was served. The writer eating this food was aware of how special this pork was. She described the way it was sliced and served. She also explained that the pig was raised in very comfortable conditions and feed nothing but acorns for the last 6 months of it life. These acorns are from cork trees.

In Spain, Madrid to be precise I have enjoyed this jamon. It is called jamon iberico and it sells for about $60 a pound in the states. Your lucky if you ever see it though because it is imported on a very limited basics and you have to put you name in a lottery to have a chance to buy it. It is a cured leg and it is set in a brace to hold it in place, hoof pointing up, so it can be carved properly.

The rest of the article goes on to heap high praise on this restaurant and the offerings put forth. I can’t wait. Spanish food is some of the best, heartiest food I have eaten. Lots of seafood, great cheeses and they produce some of the finest wines of the old world. I will be at this restaurant very soon and will write a complete report.

Click below and read more on this beautiful black pig!

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