Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lake Trippin’

We have friends, and it’s one of the best things in life. So many friends, all kinds of different people. We feel really blessed in this way.

There is this one couple we are friends with, a young lady that Stacey worked under at one point at Delta, and her husband, who loves the good things in life and sharing them with his friends. This lady helped save my life about ten years ago, we were friends then and still are today. These guys have a beautiful house on a lake in Tennessee and about 2 or 3 times a year have us up for the weekend. They always invite another couple that we know well and we have the best time, just hanging out, boating, sitting in the sun and eating and drinking.

Food is usually the main focus of these weekends. We all talk about it a few weeks ahead and make a plan. We either each do a meal or two or we work together on a few meals. These are some of the best meals I get to have and the fellowship is a big part of it. I think we all enjoy cooking and preparing food for each other. Wine is usually matched to the meal and special cocktails are always introduced on these weekends. These guys all like food and drink and we like using the best and freshest ingredients we can get our hands on.

These are some, just some not all, of the things we enjoyed this weekend.

Shrimp and Grits, a crab salad sandwich and lots of bar b que.

Friday night some que was picked up at the local que joint, along with sides of baked beans and tater salad. Good stuff, and our host had some little gherkin pickles he had picked up at Traders Joe, they were great with the bar b que and the tater salad. There were Dark and Stormy cocktails mixed up with a dark rum that was delicious. Also we enjoyed Salty Dogs, I think that was the name of the drink. Good grapefruit juice, vodka, salt and I think something else was mixed in. These are good drinks and all the better with the quality ingredients used.

The “store bought” bar b que was good, but nothing like the butt that cooked on the green egg all night and I do mean all night long. This is something that is usually done on these trips. One of our friends loves to cook meat on the grill and he is very good at it. It was also a Berkshire butt he was cooking. I know the farmers that raised the pig and I know what that pig ate and it was all natural. You just can’t do no better than that. Good meat cooked for 12-14 hours on really low heat. The pit master knows what he doing and I could taste the proof and the truth. Of course the blessing of the butt helps, here is a photo of the butt gettin blessed.


Then there’s Sunday morning when all the leftovers are pulled out, laid on the bar and you get to relive you favorite food moments of the weekend. God bless America.

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