Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hurtin like a big dog

It is Tuesday afternoon December 23rd. I have been looking at the ceiling for over two weeks now. That’s what you do when you hurt your back. You lay there looking at the ceiling wondering if you will ever get better. You make deals with the gods, the devil and any one else that will listen. “Just let me get through this and I will quit drinking, druging, chasing women and find the lord. I will give the church all my money”. The next day you wake up felling a little better and have second thought’s about giving all your money away.

I’m still hurting, I did something with ice that crippled me for a couple days and my legs are still twisted. But. it’s the 23rd, Christmas is just about here and after all the planning I just gotta go. So I gonna fashion a little bed in the back of Stacey’s car and ride it out. All five and a half hours. I’m sure I’ll be making deals half way through the trip, but i gotta go.

Merry Christmas.

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