Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Birthday,from the Southside

Last night we had a Birthday party for my oldest sister. My other oldest sister told me she was the oldest now that she turned 49. I really didn’t know she was 49 and I didn’t know one could be older then a person at some point of their life and then have the younger person somehow become older then the person who was once oldest. But Pam said so, so I believe it. The person that was once my oldest sister would not lie to me, would she?


Anyway the important part was the party and all the good stuff we had. We all started with cocktails of course. Ginger and Mary Ann’s. For these drinks you take 2 jiggers of bourbon, 1 jigger of fresh ginger juice, poured over ice in tall glass. Add Limeade til glass is almost full and top off with a little sparkling water, mix well, drink many.

We also enjoyed a very large party tray of assorted meats and cheeses, with a loaf of fresh baked ciabatta bread. We had Italian meats such as, Capicola, Prosciutto, Sopressata and Salami. The cheeses we had were, Gorganzola Dolce, Pecrino, Taleggio and a blue cheese from the Basque region.

We sipped Processo and white wine and had a really good time celebrating Kim’s birthday. To bad she wasn’t there. Wish she could have been there so we could have told her “We love you and Happy Birthday”. Maybe next year.

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