Friday, December 7, 2007

About last night…..

Last night we ate at the Feed Store again. It was as good as the first time and we got a chance to speak with the head chef. The guy is passionate about what he does. He ask what we ate and as we told him he gave us a little background on each dish.


We had Crab Cakes with Shrimp and Andouille sausage, with a sweet potato Aioli. We have had eight dishes so far at Feed Store and this is the only one Stacey says was just O.K. It was good, and reminded me of a dim sum dish. It is also the only dish not prepared in-house.

We also had a Duck confit with Pomegranate BBQ Sauce, cracklin chip, which I missed, and cornbread and slaw. Another great dish, it was like pulled duck in a really good BBQ Sauce.

The fried Calamari with homemade Pepper Vinegar and crystallized Ginger was real good. There was no dipping sauce and none was needed, it was already drizzled on the Calamari, as in “Pepper Vinegar”. There was a nice pile of Crystallized Ginger which went great with a bite of the Calamari.

We tried the Panzanella, it’s like the classic day old bread salad with a homemade vinaigrette. At the Feed Store they take a small cornbread muffin and deep fry it. That’s right, deep fry it. In the mean time, and this is what the chef said, he’s got a pot of Ham Hocks that have been cooked down. Once that’s done he pulls the meat off and mixes it with his vinaigrette. It was like a fine french wine with hints of dirt and dung. So he takes this Ham Hock Vinaigrette and tosses it with lovely mixed greens. Nice and fresh. With tomatoes. This salad is especially good. I bet one could do something like it at home.

The waitress talked us Stacey into a IceBox Apple Crumb delicious as shit desert. It, like the rest of the meal was really, really good.

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