Thursday, July 19, 2007

Buena Vista Social Club

So, just the other evening we were listening to the Buena Vista Social Club CD. I love this record and it always reminds me of the time I first heard it.

It has been a few years. Stacey and I were traveling around Spain, we were in Barcelona at the time. We had hooked up with a friend from the states who was there on business.

Andre is a wine importer. He specializes in small, boutique wineries. Most all from Spain, but some others.

Andre has a friend he went to college with in spain, his name is Fausto. Fausto took us to a bar near the Las Ramblas named Bar Ra. It had a really small kitchen and two small dining areas. One of the dining areas was the next door alley with a roof. Thats where we were sitting.

Having snacks and cocktails.

The owner of the place came by and we were introduced. I can’t remember the guys name, it’s been about 5 years or so. But, I do remember him, very tall and balled as a queball. I ask about the music and he was happy to share.

Well, it wasn’t 2 weeks later, we are in N.Y.C. I got into a conversation with a friend about Buena Vista Social Club. He gave me the low down. Ry Cooder had rediscovered these old Cuban gentleman who had invented this sound. These guys were well over 60 years old each. They had long ago given up any dreams of a life of music. Some of them had stopped playing altogether.

So the story goes, Ry Cooder happened upon this sound coming from a music hall as he made his way around Cuba. When he inquired about it, he was informed of the origins and in fact the fellows who had invented this style of music were still alive and living in Cuba.

So Cooder spent the time to find the original members. One of the guys had not touched a piano in years. They spent two weeks rehearsing and then cut this record. Well the rest is history as they say. These guys had huge success for the next few years. I understand some have since past.

Stacey and I were lucky enough to see them at the Beacon Theater in N.Y.C. a year or so later. It’s was a beautiful show. And it was apparent just how old some of these fellows were. But they made great music that night.

So, I say to you, get this CD. Make yourself an ice cold Cuba Libre and toast the Buena Vista Social Club.

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