Thursday, July 16, 2009


So did ya forget we went to Bangkok this year. Not long ago as a matter of fact. I was looking at photos and thought I should share.

So this guy was just like everyone else in Bangkok, he wanted to sell you something or he had a service to offer. This guy had a service to offer. He owned and operated the "tuk tuk" taxi behind us in the photo. We were only a few blocks from our hotel, at the main intersection, we had already been ask if we would like a taxi, wanted a massage, needed food, or wanted a suit tailored just for us, me that is. No to everything, as it was early on our last morning and we didn't know what we wanted to do. It was raining so that put a slant on plans. Anyway this guy stopped us at the corner and ask if we wanted a ride. A tour if you please, 100 Bhat for 2 hours. That was a great deal, but we declined. We just wanted to hit the vendor a few blocks up and get some $3 tee shirts. So instead of trying to sell us a ride he started to chat us up. I didn't know Stacey was snapping photos. It was great, the guy wanted to know where we were from, how long would we be here, did we speak Thai, where were we going from here. Those are the same questions all the locals ask us. It was great the way people wanted to talk to you. They usually tried to sell you something and then they just wanted to talk. Like this guy. Believe it or not we were talking food.

So this was breakfast one morning. The guy who drove the "tuk tuk" for our hotel caught us coming out of the hotel one morning and it was raining. He stopped in front of us and ask us what we were doing. Don't know I said I guess we wanted breakfast. He ask if we wanted American or local. Of course we said local. He told us to get in and away we went. He dropped us just around the corner. He got out of the tuk tuk and spoke with the smiling lady there to greet us. Tuk tuk driver left and smiling lady sat us at a table. It was a indoor/outdoor place, many restaurants in Bangkok were. Once we sat and looked around we noticed three other ladies there a few tables away preparing food stuff for lunch. We were given menus and there was very little to choose from for breakfast. We both ordered the same thing. Omelet with Basil. We had no idea. The green you see in the photo is fried basil leaves. The other part is the omelet. I think we had potato's with it. I am sure it was very good.You can see the rice in the background and the small bowl of sauce next to the omelet. Scrambled eggs with fried Basil leaves, rice and a house made sauce. Shut up!

So I walked pass this place once. There is supposed to be a huge sex for hire scene in Bangkok, but we didn't see much of it. From what I read only 5% of the sex trade was from foreigners. It was a local thing.

This lady cooked for the King and Queen of Thailand at some point. Her name is Sisamon Kongpan. We were lucky, this is the day we were able to join the folks on the food tour. {see the guy below,mr.knuckle head} Sisamon was most gracious as were all the folks in Bangkok. Check Stacey out. She's looking hot and showing off her new cookbook.
This is the knuckle head we went with to Bangkok. Don't let the smile fool you.
This young lady was is a good example of the attitude of the people we met. Nice people and happy to have you as a guest in their country.

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