Sunday, December 4, 2011


Tower of Slinger Sliders

Her name is Delia. She opened the Flying Biscuit Restaurant around 1994. She franchised and sold the business not long ago. And not long after that she opened Delias chicken Sausage Stand. And the shits like crack man. I can not get enough. I have had it everyday since Tuesday. Today is Saturday. I will have some today and then go to the Stand tomorrow and buy some more. Delias offers Slingers, Sliders and a few breakfast sandwich's. She uses great bread as well. That's a photo of her sliders. It's from her website.

I love sausage. I eat it 3 or 4 times a week. I have been digging Coneuh
Sausage. It's a pork sausage made in Alabama. It's not the largest operation, but it is massed produced. Delia has been working on this recipe for 15 years. She refers to her sausage as "small batch hand crafted".
She uses the best chickens she can get. Local I'm sure. I am not sure what the casing is, but it is like silk. It feels like a sausage encased in silk. The texture is what I would imagine silk would feel like if you ate it. That's the jumbo link. The breakfast patty is as good. It is flavored so well. I think it's sage. It's what you wish that log of Jimmy Dean sausage could taste like. And it's chicken. Delis also makess breakfast links. I have some in the fridge, but haven't tried then yet. That's right you can but it fresh by the pound and take it home and use it any way you want. Tonight we are going to make a squash and sausage casserole.

And it is very inexpensive which is a trend I am seeing and liking. On their website they say they want to be an alternative for fast food. The most expensive item on the menu id $6.49. WHA.....  That's right
$6.49. It is in the hood. It is counter service. Seating is outside, although we stood at the counter inside and ate since it was rainy. But this is what we need more of. Awesome food, awesome ingredients.  The place is small and someone did a great job on the design. Cool wallpaper. They are opened all the time, like they never close. Maybe they don't.

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