Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ah, beautiful San Juan. Well kinda of beautiful if you don't look to close. It's the same so many places we go, someone needs to pick up the damn trash. Santa Domingo, Belize, Panama, St. John USVI and San Juan all suffer the same problem. At the resorts and hotels and all, things are nice, but once you leave those grounds usually you see trash everywhere. I don't get it???

Anyway we are there for a reason. Nephew is getting married. Their plans were for those invited and willing to fly to San Juan, meet at their hotel Sunday at 2 pm, where we would all board a small bus and drive about an hour, up into the rain forest. And that is what we did. It was by far the coolest wedding I have ever attended.

The drive was nice and it gave us a chance to see parts of San Juan we never get to see. As we drove down the coast we pasted hundreds of outdoor restaurants. Most were just four post, a tin roof and a big fire. Looked like all the food was cooked over this open fire and it looked like the offered BBQ and seafood. If I ever go back and have a car I will drive there and eat like a crazy man. I will try everyone of those restaurants.

We then were driven up into a rain forest. It is a national park. It was easy to tell we were in a different environ. It was wet, and green and lush and cool. The wedding was held on a stone bridge at the Grand Bath which was the large pool of spring water from the mountain top.

The Bride and Groom wrote their vows and I wish I could have heard them, but the water coming down the mountain was loud. It drowned them out. But, it was still a beautiful wedding.
The reception was fun as well. We ended up back at the beach near those shacks/restaurants I mentioned above. We had been on the bus awhile and everyone was ready for food. When we hit the restaurant snacks were laid out and I consumed about 15 of the best fried shrimp I have ever had in my life. We also had dinner and it was very good. Who ever picked this place did a great job. We drank, danced and party til dawn.

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