Tuesday, June 1, 2010

104 Perry St, Day 3

Thursday we wake to the sounds of walls crashing down. The apartment next to ours, we share a wall, is being gutted and prepped for renovation. It is 7:15 and it is loud. Same thing happened Wednesday morning. This morning they are beating on the wall between us and the art is about to fall off the wall. I have to remove the art from the wall. We sleep on and off til about 9:30. We have coffee and hit the streets. We are gonna go to the High Line and find a big chase lounge and sit in the sun for awhile. The photo above is of an art installation at the High Line. The High Line is a raised park 0n the lower west side of Manhattan. Currently it is about a mile long and runs along old, unused train tracks built above roadways. It starts in the Meat Packing District and runs north to 20th street. It runs between 9th and 10th ave. When completed it will run up to 34th street. It runs above buildings, under buildings and between buildings. Some parts have great views of the East River, some parts have views of the traffic on 1oth street. There are gardens, cafe style chairs, tables and huge chase lounges resting on the old railroad tracks.

104 Perry is about 4-5 blocks from the Meat Packing District entrance to the High Line. On the way we stop at a deli and get water, toasted bagels, cream cheese and magazines. We are early enough to get a couple of lounge chairs, we spread out and eat our food. We listen to the portable radio and read. We read about places to go in NYC among other things. We sit back and enjoy the sun, getting a little burn. Hell, we probably nap a little I can't remember. I do know we spend about 2-3 hours on the lounge chairs, on the High Line just chillin like Tracy Morgan.

We leave wanting to find a cold beer. I had just read about Bill's Bar & Burgers, neighborhood type place with a hamburger / hot dog menu. Bills Bar & Burgers also have good beers on tap. Bill's Bar & Burgers is about three blocks from where we exit the High Line. When we arrive it's about 2 p.m. so it's not real busy. We have a couple of beers and I have a hot dog. Chili cheese. The dog was split and grilled and perfect. Simple, not so much shit on top that it's a mess. Just right. We left very happy.

We didn't go far when we come across The Spotted Pig. It's a famous gastropub. One of the first in NYC. It's very popular. It's a funky building with tons of plants out front. Lot's of herbs, I'm sure used in the kitchen and bar. The young lady who is the chef/owner once cooked at the legendary Chez Panisse in Berkeley, Calif. She opened the Spotted Pig in 2005 and was an instant hit. She has also earned a Michelin Star at the Pig. We only had a drink, as this was the kinda of place we did not want to pay for. We had two drinks for $22 before tip. $25 for two drinks. That's stupid and I'm tired of. I wish we had not stopped there. I should have know better.

Back to the apartment for a while to rest our feet. Drink some beer and tequila. We then decide to go out and get a falafa sandwich. We go back to Taim, the falafa there were so good the first time we had to have more. So we did.

Later that night we head out to get a couple Bao sandwich's at BaoHaus and then to Nurse Bettie for the show. Like I said before click on BaoHaus and read this guys neat story. Eat there if you ever find yourself in the hood. 137 Rivington Street (near Norfolk), NY, NY 10002 the lower east side.

Around the corner on Norfolk St is Nurse Bettie. Nurse Bettie is a cool little bar where you can eat you BaoHaus if you want to. We did and we also wanted to see the burlesque show we had read about. So we sat at the bar and the young lady tending bar remembered us from last time cause we brought her a BaoHaus. Later we grabbed some seats that looked like they would have a good view. The place was starting to get crowed. The ladies in the show were in a corner getting ready. One danced in the window to get thinks going. It was a pretty good show, the best act was a young lady singing a sassy song accompanied by a saxophone player. There was about 5 or six little shows. It was cool and the crowd was into it. Seemed lot's were regulars for this show.

Then day 3 was done. The bar tender chick treated us to our last round and sent us on our way. We walked back to Perry St. in no time and crashed.

10.90$ Bagels, fruit & water

23$ Bills bar & burger

25$ Spotted Pig 2 stupid cocktails

12.50$ 2 falafa and 1 drink at Taim this was such a awesome deal compared to Stupid Pig

18.51$ 4 bao sandwich at BaoHaus

66$ Nurse Bettie drinks and a girly show

155.91$ total

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