Sunday, April 26, 2009


We had never heard of the restaurant Valenza and Stacey didn’t know she had a distant cousin who was the chef at Valenza. Click on it and read about it.

We went the other night. It was Stacey and me and her sister and her BF. They were on their way from somewhere to somewhere else and had to go through Atl…and bla… bla… bla…

So Stacey makes RSVP for the four of us at Valenza and we had no idea what to expect. The last time I was in this situation it all turned out great. This time was the same.
The young lady who seated us asked which one of us was Matt’s cousin, both Stacey and her sister Sam spoke up.
Next thing ya know he, Matt the Chef, is at the table, he is serving a plate of cured meats along with some great cheese, bread that had been grilled, tomato’s that he made a jam from and some olives. All very, very good.

After he introduced himself and we all said hello, Matt ask if we wanted to order from the menu or if we wanted him to cook for us. Well, when the chef ask if “you want me to cook for you” it’s a no brainer.

After that plate they just kept coming. He sent out grilled calamari along with mussels in a white wine sauce.

Next we enjoyed scallops that had been grilled to perfection. Followed by homemade ravioli. This was one of the best dishes of the night. Two different fillings - one pork and one with butternut squash. Both busted wide open with brown butter, sage and pecans.

Rabbit on polenta with kalamata olives did not suck either.

He brought us three different desserts and like everything else that night - they were awesome. Matt came to the table and had a couple of beer and we tried to figure out how we were related.

It was great to meet a new relative and we look forward to feasting at his restaurant again. Soon.


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