Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Then, on to Knoxville

We got home from NYC late Thursday night and fed the dogs, they were starving and thirsty. We need to look into someone taking care of them while we’re away.

Anyway, Friday morning we got in the car and drove to Knoxville. We were having dinner with a friend, at a fund raiser, for Knox Heritage. This is the mission statement for Knox Heritage. “Knox Heritage advocates for the preservation of places and structures with historic or cultural significance”. Our friend is the executive director and she kicks ass, she’s awesome.

Friday night was a “Blues Brothers” themed dinner. It was held at Iron wood Studios, which was perfect because the whole vibe was gritty, kinda greasy chicken and this was a metal fabrication garage, so……

The food was spot on, just right, Jake and Elwood would have loved it. The apps were cheesewiz on a ritz or ruffles and onion dip. These were served by chicks on roller skates. For dinner they served beer can chicken, mac and cheese, corn pudding, and more. It was all real good and there was plenty

After dinner a Blues Brothers act did a show and it was great. They had a good band and did all the songs and acted out a few short pieces. They had the whole crowd dancing. It was a good party and Iron Wood is a cool studio. Click HERE to go to their web site and check out some of their sculpture’s.

We spent the next two days hanging out with our friend. We shopped the farmers market in the downtown square. We brunched at a restaurant that billed itself as a southern/latin fusion joint and they pulled it off just fine. We had huge biscuits and gravy with flat iron steak and chorizo sausage. They served Alan Benton’s bacon, that will tell something about this place. We had two fried eggs which topped off a stack of corn tortillas, black beans, wilted greens and other stuff I can’t remember cause about that time I went into a food coma and it lasted for the rest of the trip. I kinda remember sushi, I remember Bloody Marys, I remember wine, I remember grits, eggs, and cheese biscuits the size of my head.

I don’t remember driving home or anything else.

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