Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sushi, Sisters Of Mercy and Sake Bombs

Happy Birthday! Do you remember the Christmas show for Frosty the Snowman, one of the kids put a hat on him and he came alive and Frosty said Happy Birthday! Well the clock of life ticked once more for “Little Lady”, otherwise know as Stacey. And together with our new friends who run the local Sushi Bar, we all said Happy Birthday!

That’s kinda of what it was like last night at Wasabi. Wasabi is the only place in Atlanta where we eat sushi. This isn’t a rule , it’s just the way things work out. And yea, I know there ain’t nothing southern about Sushi, but come on, good is good, and this shit is good. They also make you feel at home, you know, that home where you mother makes sushi.

Tonight we about had the place to ourselves, which is rare, it is usually crowded. But that was cool for a change, we could hear each other and the music. I can’t think of nothing better then eating good food, listening to Sister of Mercy and hanging out with Stacey.

Nhan runs the place along with Jennifer and we always eat very well there. So tonight after Little Lady got home, she said she wanted to go to Wasabi for dinner. For her Birthday dinner that is.

On Wednesday it’s half price wine. Now That’s really good for two reasons. First, Little Lady likes wine, white please. And, two, these guys have a couple good wines that become even better at half price.

Anyway, we don’t really know these guys all that well or anything. We eat there and say hey and all that, but we haven’t really gotten to know them. Until tonight, that is.

So we were about done eating, it was another great meal, and no kidding this is good, someone has worked very hard to get seafood so fresh we can enjoy it in this capacity.

The place is not crowded , but it has gotten very loud and we realize the Chef is working the other side of the counter, so to speak. Tonight Nhan is happy, and having drinks with the customers, something I encourage all business owners to do every once in awhile.

He makes his way to our table and he knows our faces as semi-regulars. So he sits and chats, finds out it’s Little Lady’s Birthday and ask for three Sake Bombs. So we all drop a shot glass of warm sake in a half glass of cold beer and drink it down. We chat more with our new friend Nhan and suddenly, as if he just remembered something he ask Stacey, it’s your Birthday? He then calls for three more Sake Bombs, looks around the restaurant and then ask for eight Sake Bombs.

And so it goes.

Happy Birthday Little Lady

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