Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sunday Brunch

So after the wedding Saturday night I was in need of a really good meal to soak up some of that leftover alcohol still coursing through my veins. Good thing Dad was cooking, I knew it would be a lot of food and I knew it would be good. Dad didn’t let us down.

Mom and Dad have a really large dinning room table, I would say it’s 20 feet long or there about. And it needed to be for the crowd we had there for brunch Sunday, down there in Mobile. Everyone was there. Pam and her two children were in from Little Rock and Kim, Bob and Scottie Mike came in from Birmingham. Sister and Cecil were there, as well as Cheryl and her three little ones. Lisa was in from NYC. Man I haven’t seen her in a coons age and she looked great. Of course Jeff, Jacob and Taylor were there, as they are most Sunday mornings. Al, from across the street joined us, he is like one of the family. Mike and Holly came by for a bite before leaving on their honeymoon. Big Daddy came back from the boats just in time to sit down with us. And Sam, as in “Lil Sis” was there. What a beautiful bunch of people!

So check out this menu. Can you say Osso Bucco, everybody all at once, OSSO BUCCO! Very good, thank you very much. There was also 25 gallons of grits, 60 biscuits, 6 dozen scrambled eggs with cheese, 10 pounds each of bacon, Conecuh County sausage, and andouille sausage. Homemade fig, strawberry, and peach jellies. 5 gallons of Bloody Marys and 5 gallons of fresh orange juice. I almost forgot the sliced fresh tomato’s.

We had the time of our lives. They don’t call us the “Loud Family” for nothing. The Mimosa’s kinda got us going, Pam mixed about 15 gallons of those and they were gone before we sat at the table. It was kind of like the wedding, we laughed, we cried and some of us threw up and started all over again. Mom was really proud. Dad was really tried, after all that cooking. Good thing they got 2 dishwashers in their kitchen.

I tell ya, it’s times like this I live for. Ain’t nothing like having good friends and family around a table like that. We must have spent 3 or 4 hours just eating, and talking, laughing and being real loud. It was a hoot and I can’t wait to do it again.

We all then went out front and played a long game of touch football. That kind of helped us work up our appetite and then it was back to the table for a third and fourth helping. Marion, thanks for all that great food, and please start planning your next menu!

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