Wednesday, January 21, 2009

street food, ain’t nothing better

I’ve had a Lucky Dog, but I didn’t get it form Ignatius J. Riley. It wasn’t the best dog I have ever had, but I’m glad to have tried it, I’m a better man for it. Lucky Dogs are nowhere as good as the corn dogs they once served at the I-85 drive inn flea market about 15 years ago. Since then I haven’t had one that good. I try them everywhere I find them, but they are never as good as the drive inn. Before the Lakewood Antique Market shut down they had a good corn dog, but that was then this is now.

The first time Stacey and I traveled to Europe we went to Vennia, Austria. My fondest memory of that trip was the street food. One cart in particular sticks in my head. This guy served a small baggette that he had cut one end off of. He then took a tool and shoved it into the end he had just cut off, pulled the tool out, squirted mustered into the void he created and then shoved a sausage link in with the mustard. DAMN these were good. I would go back just to have one right now. Vennia was nice and I enjoyed all the museums and stuff, but the street food was the best.

I bet there is good street food in NYC, if ya know where to look. I’ve had some street food in NYC, but none really calls out to me. I bet there is a website that will lead me right to the best carts in town. Next time I go I’m gonna do that. I’m gonna find the good street food in NYC. I’ll let ya know how it works out.

When I grow up and Stacey retires from Delta we are gonna move to a beach town. Stacey is gonna rent umbrellas and I’m gonna have a food cart selling the best street food ever. Gumbo, killer hotdogs, pig on a stick, cold beer and shots of tequila.

I hear the best street food in the world is in Djemma al Fna, Marrakech’s main square, anybody up for a little travel? Meet me in Spain and we’ll take the ferry across.

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