Thursday, March 27, 2008

Southern Comfort in a Can


So one of the best things in the world happened this week! Marcia May opened Urban Pet Supply. Then I fashioned a wire basket to the back of my bicycle and rode the 2 miles or so to her store and purchased eight cans of dog food. So I had a great day. I really want to incorporate my bike into my daily way. And with Marcia opening her store it just gives me another reason to ride my bike.

Bicycles. I love them. I think it’s one of the most brilliant inventions ever. It’s the answer to so many issues. Fuel, exercise, money, stress relief, not to mention it’s just fun. I got a few bicycle. One is used exclusive as a Mardi Gras float. One is a beach cruiser and is good for flat streets, as in beautiful downtown and midtown Mobile. Bikes are also great in New Orleans. It’s flat and not hard to get around. My Atlanta bicycle is a bastardized 18 speed all terrain bike. It’s the one I just added a custom wire basket to. Watch the gas prices, we’re screwed.

The eight cans of dog food, that was a good find as well. My dog sitter has opened a pet store in College Park, Georgia and has found the coolest dog food I have ever seen. Check out these flavors. Mediterranean Banquet, Campfire Trout feast, Brauts-n- Tot’s, Turducken, French Country Cafe and my favorite Southern Comfort. Hell yea, that’s what I’m talkin ’bout. George is as happy as a little girl.

So go to Urban Pet Supply and get your dog a can of Turdcken or Trout or the Country Cafe………

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