Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Southern Circle

So here’s a good one. Two guys walk in a bar. Just kiddin, but this is funny.

I gota friend who calls me every now and than with materials I can use to build furniture from. Lumber, old shutters, all kind of stuff.

About four or five months ago he called me and insisted I meet him at a antique market that had just gone out of business. It was near his restaurant and he had worked with the folks that ran the market. They had left some stuff behind and told him he could take what he wanted. So he calls me and tells me there is neat shit I need to get. Well it took a few days and a few phone calls for him to get me to meet him. When I did I wasn’t really excited about most of the materials. Some cool stuff, I just didn’t know what I would do with most of it.

There were 2 vegetable cart made of wood and on casters. There was a rolling, metal ladder. The kind a airplane mechanic might use. There were also two, 3′ tall old cast iron post . Looked like they might have been old diner counter stools, without the seats.



Well I took it all and dumped it outside at my shop and haven’t thought much about it. The iron post are very cool and I have tried to use them in a custom job, but the right job hasn’t come along yet.

So the other day my friend that had hooked me up with this stuff called and wanted a bed made for his wife for Christmas. Oh, sorry, that would be Hanukkah.

Anyway we designed a bed using the iron post and the lumber from the veg carts. He made me give him a huge discount since he “gave” me the materials.

I wonder if he had this planned all along. I will post a photo when finished.

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