Tuesday, November 13, 2007

SOSOSOUTHERN.COM Time Zone, always a day behind.

This is the Monday report, as in Colbert, thank you very much . I accept your apology.

We are going to NYC for a few days and want to go to one of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn that has become a mecca for a particular food. I know it goes from hood to hood on ethnicity and the food follows. If you got a favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn let me know.

KCRW, Public Radio on the net. Free feed, live or otherwise, tons of great radio shows. My favorite is “Morning Becomes Eclectic”. It’s free. You only need a speaker for your computer.

M. F. Hartley’s Baked Oysters on the Half Shell. I was talking to my Mom the other day, she said she was taking the Oysters Shells out of the dishwasher. I’m like, what, Oysters Shells out of the dishwasher? Then I remember, my Dads makes this awesome Baked Oyster Dish. He uses a citrus vinegar marinade on the Oysters he has bought already shucked. He puts them in shells he has used for years. He tops them with bread crumbs and Pamagino Cheese and bakes them, they are very good. So that’s why my Mom was removing the cleaned shells from the dishwasher. He had made 40 of them and 8 people ate every one of them. I bet they had a few Vodka Martinis to go with the Oysters.

Bury me in my compost heap. I don’t know where this came from, but what do you think?

Dreams: Lizard on pier at the bay. Jumps on me, dosen’t hurt. I push it in the bay and it swims away. I’m dreaming and thinking I don’t wanna go back in that bay. Iguanas?

Another Dream: Some asshole stole my fence. I dreamed I was at our cottage in Mobile and I walked out the front door and down a road that was my front walk with lots of trees and I looked back and someone had stolen my white Pickett fence.

Feedin the masses is kickin our asses, just givem a parade and some cocktails!

Champagne and Tangerine cocktails. My brilliant wife came up with this. My Sister and her like to have Mimosia’s. Well, Stacey went to the fresh juice shop and got a quart of fresh squeezed Tangerine juice to mix with, instead of O.J.

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