Wednesday, March 5, 2008

San Sebastian part III

So we spend a few more days checking out Bordeaux and the surrounding area. It’s kinda of overwhelming as there is so much to see and do. We go to Vin Expo one day and that was unreal. Like I said before it is the largest wine convention in the world, everyone and their brother were there. We tasted lots of good wine, I am sure. Met lots of nice people, I’m sure. We also went back to St.Emilion for dinner one night. We went with our roommates and with their knowledge of wine we were able to try wines we will probably never see again. Bordeaux was fun, I’m glad we went and I’m ready to move on.


So it’s off to San Sebastian. Never been there, I have no idea what to expect. I had learned a little bit about the Basque and their struggle to hold on to the culture. It makes sense to me, these people have one of the richest histories that survives today. At this time the world was a more peaceful place and you could drive from country to country and never stop at a boarder crossing. We went through what looked like a toll gate each time, but no one was there to collect money or look at passports. Stacey and I were the first to arrive and we had no idea where we are going once we hit San Sebastian. We end up on a road that is on jetty that sticks out into Bay of Biscay. Lots of water sports going on even though it’s kinda cold. Funny thing is we hardly park and right behind us are our roommates. And we have parked right across for the hotel Parmma. So we check in as we have no rooms reserved anywhere else. Then we head up the street to the Bar at the End of the World. That’s the name of it and it sits almost in the water, at the end of the road that we had just happened to park on, where we just happened to meet our friends and where we just happened to get a room for the night. I have no idea how we got so lucky, but on top of that about an hour later the other half of our party showed up. They end up right where we are and are able to get a room as well.

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