Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Riddle me this…

Holy broken yoke batman, I don’t get it, do you?

What’s up with our money. If ya listen to the t.v. lately, and I’m keeping mine off more and more these days, you would think we are about to have a repeat of the great depression. I’m having a hard time buying it, pun intended.

We are told of all the failures of huge businesses, of banks going under, of foreclosures on homes and how tuff times are all round. But, I look around and I see my banks is still standing, I have no problem finding a store selling what I need and the foreclosures in my hood are the folks who bit off more then they could chew, they are just letting the house and note go and moving on.

Last year I sold 53 paintings and filled orders for 37 pieces of custom furniture. This years numbers are better then last and that’s been the trend with my business for the last 12 years. Growing every year. Airplanes are full, I know this for a fact. Everyone I know has a cell phone, as do their kids. Computers and t.v.’s in every room, in every house. Cable t.v. and video games everywhere. Cars, every family has two, hell my next door neighbor purchased a second, brand new truck, a ski boat. a big ass motorcycle and all kinds of electronic gadgets this year, so far, the years not over.

So what am I missing here? Why the scare tactics? Must be some reason the media wants us to think we’re in such bad shape, but I don’t buy it. And I’m bout to party like it 1969. Join me won’t you?

Oh, did mention that every dog has a bone?

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