Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Popin’ off in the South

Things are popin down here in little ol East Point these days. Just check out this pink bush. It’s popin right in my front yard.sunday-at-linwood-april-6th-08-007.jpg

And look at this purple vine, it’s popin like purple popcorn. WOW this is colourful.


This is a small maple tree my Ma gave me a few years back. It pops like a firecracker. POP!


We got brats popin on the grill. Can’t ya just smell em? Can’t ya just hear em’ popin’?


We got those brats popin on a plate with a little tomatos and blu cheese and roasted corn and some fancy chili/ lime butter. It’s all popin real good together.


But ain’t nothing popin’ like these new shoes Stacey pick up for me the other day. Just look at Geo he knows these shoes are popin’. ( click on photo for full effect) They are white. White loafers. Steve Maddens baby. Thats right, thats how I roll. Stacey likes to buy me clothes. It’s ok with me, we can always take em back. Anyway she showed up with these a few days ago. She had also bought me a Seersucker blazer. The blazer didn’t work out, but I love the white loafers. I was a little worried about them being white and all. I told Stacey I was afraid I was gonna trash them right away. And with her infinite wisdom and foresight, she told me,

Oh no, you gotta scuff those up, those shoes are about traveling through life with ya.


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