Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The other day a few of us were sitting on the front porch just chatting. Along comes a neighbor, we got to talking and he told us he enjoyed the Rush Limbaugh radio program. My sister spoke up and said how she found Rush to be divisive and mean, really bad for our country. The fellow said a few more pro Rush comments, he also said Rush had never been proven wrong. The guy talked about how smart Rush was. I wanted to tell this asshole how stupid he sounded. I wanted to tell him that I thought he was just another dumb ass that confused Rush Limbaugh as being intelligent with someone who collected information. But, I just bit my tongue and high fived my sister.

Yesterday I was watching the news and Obama was making a short speech about Ronald Reagan. These are some of his remarks.

President Reagan understood that while there are often strong disagreements between parties and political adversaries — disagreements that can be a source of conflict and bitterness — it is important to keep in mind all that we share.

For all of the deepest of divides that exist in America, the bonds that bring us together are that much stronger. And we may see the world differently, but we must never stop seeing one another as fellow Americans — and as patriots — who want what is best for the country we love.

This nation was built on the basis of the principle that we are stronger, not weaker, for even the most vigorous debates — debates that have energized our politics since the inventors of America argued over our founding documents more than two centuries ago. Through the weighing of different views we take measure of where we stand and where we must go. And the moment we fail to recognize the good in those with whom we quarrel, is the moment that we’ve lost sight of who we are as a people.

Rush Limbaugh could care less about anything other then his wallet and getting his next pain pill.

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