Thursday, September 20, 2007

On The Road Again

I’m outa here. Going down where all the monkeys are. One of those monkeys will be gettin married. God love him.

So I hope to have something cool to tell ya about when I get back. Like I said yesterday, this is the old gang and I’m sure some of them haven’t slowed down since I saw them 20 or so years ago. Hope I can keep up, old man that I am.

So I’m gonna get me a poboy and hit the road. George saw me loading the truck and I went in for another suitcase, came out and he’s sitting in the front seat. Sorry buddy, not this time. He would have to spend to much time on his own, in a strange house so it’s best he stays and keeps Brownie and She She company. Man he looks sad.

Found a fried chicken joint in Montgomery I am gonna try and find. I’ll let ya know.

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