Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mystic Fish 2009

Mardi Gras was February 24th this year. The Mystic Fish parade rolled the 22nd. This years theme was “HOLY MACKEREL”. The float for the Mystic Fish parade was a 7′ tall red Octopus with black polka dots. The Fish never try to match their float to their theme, always trying to keep the spectator thinking.

This year was a great success. Other then Nancy and Kim getting in a drinking match and everyone knows Nancy can drink Kim under the table, things went great. Just before the parade stepped off the Chief of Police and his number one man showed up and escorted the Fish parade all the way to Broad and Government St. where we had our finest parade in 17 years.

The Fish also enjoyed the best band they have engaged so far. The Blow House is the best Mardi Gras band, by far, in the whole world. The trombone blower has rubber knees and their groupies are the prettiest girls anywhere. We were proud to have them.

The Fish were without one of their founding members this year, the Big Daddy was truly missed. But, not missing a beat the Fish reached out to the Order Juno and borrowed their newest member who did an excellent job filling in for the Big Daddy. She was a tall drink of water and the Mystic Fish thank her for her spirited participation.

Folks traveled far and wide to be with the Fish this year and one thinks a good time was had by all. Can’t wait til next year!

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