Monday, September 8, 2008

Mr. Big Stuff

I don’t know much about the artist Julian Schnabel. I know he is a big guy, I know he does big art, I know he likes big old antiques, I know he likes to wear silk robes and I think he is into wine. I have seen magazine spreads on him and his habitats and dogs and bla bla bla.
Julian Schnabel

So I watched his film “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” today and as little as I know about Julian Schnabel it reminds me of what I do know about him. The film has his style all over it. It’s a big film in an understated way. It opens with visuals that are made from x-rays which sets the tone for the over all feel of the film. It is shot so that some scenes are just a single image. One shot of a wheel chair bound man, on a platform in the surf is beautifully done. There are many scenes that remind you who is shooting this movie.

It’s also a good movie, even if ya only watch and don’t dissect movies the way I do. It’s a story about a guy who had everything going for him and then had nothing but his left eye going for him. I like movies that tell one story and don’t run in a different direction with love triangles and other bull shit that can just ruin a movie and is usually irrelevant. It’s a singular, simple, easy to watch movie. So watch it.

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