Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Report

Stayed in Atlanta this weekend, for what seems like the first weekend in a long time. Saturday I did the Organic Farmers Market. The weather is changing and I like the cooler temps. Not as many people out Saturday morning, maybe because it was a little cool.

Other than the market we didn’t do to much. Spent lot’s of time on the front porch, as you can see from this photo.


Sunday slept in to the very late hour of about 9:15. We got going fairly early, heading out to one of the many neighborhood festivals and street markets. I bought this little monster at the Chandler Park Fest. It a type of Racoo pottery. The guy explained the process he used, but it was to much info for a Sunday morning. I just liked it and didn’t care so much how he made it. Here is a photo of it.


I sold a couple of pieces of furniture Saturday morning, no art. Which is strange, latly it’s been the other way around. So as you can see not much to report, kind of a quite weekend.

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