Monday, March 9, 2009

Mardi Gras Furniture

For the last two years I have been given wood from a Mardi Gras float that was gonna be rebuilt. I have used the lumber in lot’s of project, the latest is an order for a beach house on the Gulf Coast. Here are a couple photos.

This is heavy duty furniture. The table is 72″ in diameter and 1 and 3/4 ” thick. The lumber comes from a house at the corner of 7th and Penn ave. in Midtown, Atlanta. I got a call from a friend and he and his crew were the guy’s charged with replacing the top of this house, rebuilding it, if you will. I think a tree fell on it, I’m not sure. I am sure it is old lumber, the house is a 100 years old, easy. I got a lot of 2 X 8’s and some 1″ X 6″ lumber. I used that and the rough cut pine, from the Mardi Gras float to do 90% of this job.The bed has a lot of float wood used in it.

Next up is 2 commissioned paintings and a swing and maybe a bed . So once again….. there are a few more pieces in this order I will finish them and post a photot of them soon.

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