Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mardi Gras 2009

It is here, the 2009 season. After being in such a terrible way over the Christmas holidays, with my back hurting like it was, I am ready to celebrate.

Stacey and I went down to Mobile last Thursday and started getting things in order. Mardi Gras is a lot of work, especially the way we do it. We have two parties, back to back. At the first we host about 50 people. We will serve them a shrimp boil, 16 dozen oysters and some kind of meat off the grill. We have built a grill from 40 cement blocks, right in our front yard, and we will cook a pig or some other huge amount of meat for the Saturday night party. Next day we will have a parade and a reception after. At this parade and party we will host up to 70 people. No big deal, this is our 17th year and we could do it in our sleep. Which is good because it may be the only sleep I get that weekend.

We missed the first parade due to the fact we were attending the Osiris Ball. This is our second time attending the Osiris Ball and it is big fun. It is like no other ball I know of. At the Osiris you don’t have to walk around trying to find someone you know to talk to. At the Osiris Ball one is entertained by a tableaux like no other. At most balls they just call out names and some lady and a drunk masker walk off the stage and let you look at their over priced Mardi Gras gowns.

The theme for Osiris this year was “Out of Africa” and it started with a African dance and drum troupe. They were great and really set the tone for the evening. There was one dancer who was on stilts and dress in a white outfit, kinda like the one Michelle Obama wore to the inauguration balls. It looked great the way it flowed from the ten foot tall dancer. Mrs. Obama should have been on stilts like this guy.

All the beautiful people were there that night and a great time was had by all. This group knows how to have a party. There were so many bars that it didn’t take long to get a drink. There were super sized t.v. screens so you could see the tableaux no matter where you were. The tables were all decorated with a different African theme. At our table there was a gold skeleton, rattles and shakers, glass skulls with candles burning in them and spears. All for us, the guest, to play with and take home. At another table there was a super sized blow up penis. From the size of them I would guess they were African penises. Can’t wait til next year, I just love this ball.

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