Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Leon Redbone

Leon Redbone makes me happy, very happy. Maybe I should say his music makes me happy cause I never met the man. Well once Stacey and I did approach him in a parking lot behind the old Cotton Club in midtown Atlanta. I think we scared the hell out of him. He just wanted to get in his rental car and go home, and here we come. It was 12, 13 years ago, about midnight and we had just smiled our way through a two hour show. Mr. Redbone was accompanied that night by a horn player and a drummer with a very limited drum kit. No more was needed. Hell he’s excellent on his own, just him and his guitar. We didn’t want his autograph, just wanted to tell him we loved the show and that my dad was a big fan.

So I’m writing this and listening to you-tube videos of some of his shows right now because Saturday night he was on A Prairie Home Companion radio program. I have not listened to his music in years. I own none of his cd’s. But when I heard him on the radio the other night I fell in love with his music all over again.

I can’t really describe his music. I guess it’s straight ahead American music, not pop, not folk, it’s kinda like show tunes, if you will and you should. It doesn’t really matter, it’s his unique voice and style on the guitar that make it so good. Sometimes listening to him you think he has screwed up or forgotten the next note, I think he’s just making us wait. You know, like wait for it, ok here it is.

He writes a lot of songs and covers all kinds of other artist. Click on this link and check this out.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1TqzTOYWkA&feature=related I kinda remember him being on the Carson show quit often. He is also very funny. . Then click on all the other offers on you tube and have a Redbone day.

Also check out that steel guitar he is playing, beautiful.

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