Thursday, September 27, 2007


Now I could be talking about the band, or rather the orchestra, but I’m not I’m talking about the bed the brilliant couple is having built. It’s big and white and old looking.

So, the couple known here as “Julie and Chris” had me build a table for their beach house and then we got together and planned a bed. Like I said it’s big. The foot and headboard have 6″ square, antique pine post on each corner. The headboard is almost 6′ tall. They both have slats, 7″ wide, used for the panels, the panels are 70″ wide, so there are ten slats in each the head and footboard. The slats are pine that was used as decking on a Mardi Gras float in Mobile. The rails are made from antique pine, they are 2″ x 5″, 80″ long.

Each piece of lumber was planed with a hand held electric planer. Then it was all sanded with 50 grit paper on a 4″ hand held belt sander. Then all the lumber was sanded with 80 grit paper on a 5″ disc sander and then with 12o grit on same sander. After all that sanding I painted the whole bed white with flat latex paint and once it dried I sanded it for the last time using 120 grit paper and giving it a distressed finish.

Julie brought to my workshop eight antique tin ceiling tiles which are about 8″ square each. They are gonna look great mounted in the headboard. Each has a different design and each has a different distressed finish. Together, in two rows of four they will really make the bed.

I have just about finished this bed. I got a few other fun things I am working on and would like to finish a coffee table for the market this Saturday. I just finished a painting a fellow ordered. I will post a photo of the bed and this painting soon.

I also met with a lady today and she ordered a painting of her dogs. Two dogs in the same painting which is gonna be 3′ tall and 4′ across. That size should work well for what she has in mind I will try and remember to post a photo of that painting when I finish it.

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