Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How to get free tickets to the show

and a chance to meet the band.

The band is Tuxedomoon, Stacey and I are gonna fly to NYC tomorrow and see their show tomorrow night. Read the e mails I traded with one of the guys who works for the band to see how I “worked” this out. Remember the first e mail is the last one on the page, so scroll down and from there read up.

Hello Tracy

you are both on the band's guestlist, and a meet and greet with the
band has also been organised .
the person that will introduce you to the band is Carlos Beccera
(their manager), he will be at the merchandise stall .
regarding the CD, no worries i have send it registered and it takes
longer to arrive from Europe .
enjoy the show and the CD when it arrives .
best regards


At 3:20 PM +0000 9/15/08, statra2@comcast.net wrote:
>Hello Thierry
>My wife and I have booked a flight to NYC on the 17th, is the offer
>to attend the Tuxedomoon show still open for us? Please let me know
>so I can buy tickets to the show if need be. I have not received my
>parcel, maybe not enough time since you mailed the last one, I
>remain on the lookout.
>Tracy Hartley


9/5/08 Hello Thierry

I,m sorry for being such an ass, but this has been

frustrating for me. Now I'm gonna be a bigger ass

and take you up on the invite to see the show in NYC.

I can't believe they are playing in the states, I know

it's only their 4th time in 20 years or so. My wife

and I can be in NYC the 17th so just let me know

what I need to do on my end.


Tracy Hartley


> -------------- Original message ----------------------
>From: Thierry Steuve
>> Hello Tracy
>> sad to hear that the second parcel never arrived either .
>> if a customer is unhappy, we are unhappy as well .
>> I will personally resend you a copy by registered mail today .
>> if you happen to be in New York on the 17th, i will happily invite
>> you to the Tuxedomoon show @
>> http://lepoissonrouge.com/html/index.html
>> please give me a sign when it reaches you and accept our apologies
>> for all this mess .
>> kind regards
>> Thierry
>> At 12:53 PM +0000 9/4/08, statra2@comcast.net wrote:
>> >Please refund my $ if you can't get the disc to me. i ordered the
>> >disc in may and nothing. can't you even send me a email telling me
>> >whats going on. I will contact my credit card soon and have the
>> >transaction refunded if I have to.
>> >thanks for nothing
>> >Tracy Hartley


8/20/08 Hello Mr. Thierry

I have not received my disc as of today 8/20/08. I ordered it in May and after

receiving your e mail I expected to see it soon. Whats up, could you please

let me know


Tracy Hartley


>> > -------------- Original message ----------------------
>> >From: Thierry Steuve
>> >> dear tracy
>> >>
>> >> first of all let me thank you for your order with crammed discs .
>> >>
>> >> we had a few complaints the last 3 weeks from customers who have not
>> >> received their order .
>> >> I would be grateful if you could tell me if yours arrived safely ,
>> >> since we had some problems with our postal services .
>> >>
>> >> best regards
>> >> --
>> >> for more information | interview requests | CDs | guest lists |
>> >> photo passes | etc.
Thierry STEUVE

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