Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Have Ya Heard the News?


People said it would never happen, people said I’ll never live to see this day. They said we couldn’t make it. But, they were all wrong and now all across America folks are celebrating this day. Hell the whole world is celebrating this day.

Now I just want to say, “I told ya so”. And I did, I’ve always known we would make it one day. It hasn’t been easy, but on the other hand it hasn’t been that difficult either. It’s been a long time coming, we waited, we hoped, we worked together to make it happened because we believed. We believed in each other and we believed our love would carry us through. To the other side, to a better place. But now that we here, now that it’s all clear, we see we have been “here” the whole time. We look back and we see the “getting there” is what it’s all about. What we have grown into is what we are, what we have always been. Which is Stacey and Tracy so in love with each other that life is like a walk in the park. A very nice park!

Happy 20th Anniversary to us!

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