Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Goat chz stuffed Mardi Gras Peppers.

The official photographer for the Mystic Fish always does a great job and we thank him very much. Thank you very much. This year his lovely wife joined us on that beautiful Sunday afternoon in beautiful downtown Mobile, Alabama. She brought along with her a huge chunk of goat cheese with dried tomatos for all to enjoy after the parade. Well there was a lot of food that day and everything did not get eaten. Stacey split up the leftovers between her folks, my folks and us. We brought home a lot of good food, including some of that goat cheese. One night Stacey did this with some of the cheese.


I cried when I saw her take them out of the oven, wouldn’t you? They were so beautiful, sweet peppers stuffed with some of that goat cheese. We ate them with a steak off the grill. They were so good we had two more the next night.

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