Monday, July 30, 2007


Everyone loves George. People smile the second they see him. I’m not sure just what it is but he has that affect on everyone. My mom says hello to George before she acknowledges either of us. Friends end email transmission asking how is George and might they have him. And they are not joking.

I ran into George one afternoon here in the hood. He was smelling stuff. Walking around in the church yard across from my shop smelling stuff and then peeing on it.

I had seen him around before and wondered about him. I knew someone was taking care of him, he was in really good shape. But after the third time I saw him out and about I invited him to get in my truck and he hopped right in. I took him home and made a few calls and found his current address. When the young lady who answered the door told me she didn’t want “that dog” any longer, I just turned and walked away. Fine with me, I had fallen in love with him right away and would be happy to take care of him.

And so it’s been for about 3 years now. He is the perfect gentleman, always dressed to the nines in his tuxedo. Always saying thank you, no sir or yes mam, never peeing on the floor and never fighting with the other dogs. He is the perfect mix of Bassett Hound and Black Lab. He loves to travel and never runs away from as he did before he came to live with us.

And sorry, but, no you can’t have him.

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