Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fourth of July

We started early with a pre-fourth of July dinner at Repast. We’d been there once before and really enjoyed it, so the choice was easy.

Chilled summer corn soup, ginger shrimp summer rolls and fried oysters for me. A foie gras appetizer special and grilled hanger steak for Tracy. Martinis and Wine. We are off to a really great start.

In the morning, we get up early to drive to Serenbe. They (the community) are having a Fourth of July parade and have invited us to participate. Actually, Tracy helped build the frame for a float, so, they have cordially invited both of us to been in the parade.

We arrive about 9:20. The float is GREAT. The body of the float has a lot of pink and red tissue paper, green tissue paper around the edges, black paper sprinkled in for seeds. It’s a perfect slice of Watermelon.

The girls have tiaras and pink sashes that proclaim “Watermelon Queen” and the guys have large red, white and blue hats and t-shirts that say “I’m with the Queen” on the front and “Watermelon Parade Brigade” on the back. Festive beads and dum-dum lollipops are the throws. Fun.

It turns out to be the only float in the parade but there are small children in various types of motorized vehicles, a couple of horses and many residents dressed in red, white and blue. Quite a production for a relatively new community. It will only get bigger and better in the years to come.

Home by Noon. Ribs on the grill. Nap until 3. Ribs, corn and potato salad at 5pm.

straw_short1.jpgOur neighbors, Julie, Mark and Madighan came over for a late evening dessert of stawberries and shortcake. We hung a huge 15 foot by 25 foot flag from the trees in the yard. A few cocktails on the porch and we are ready to see fireworks.

Living in a small community like East Point, we have only to walk about 3 blocks and see a really awesome fireworks display.

It’s been a nice day.

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