Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For My Viewing Pleasure

We recently joined Netflix. Had to, all the Blockbusters seem to have shut their doors. I’m not surprised, Netflix is so easy and not a bad deal. $15 a month and they will mail you a new video every time you mail one back to them. If you can watch one video a week that beats Blockbuster every time.

The way it works is when you join you make a list of the videos you would like to see, they mail the two at the top of your list and you watch and mail them back, one at a time and they send the next one on the top of your list. You can keep them as long as you want at no extra charge. They also provide the postage and package. It’s really cool.

Much to Stacey’s chagrin I picked a lot of documentaries at the top of our list. It’s my favorite format, not so much for her. Good thing is you can change you list or the order of it any time you wish. You can do this all from your computer. It’s great. Here are a few of the videos I have viewed while resting my aching back.

The Devil in Daniel Johnston. This is about a guy who at a early age started making home films. That led to making music. Later in life he is diagnosed with depression, schizophrenia, or something that makes him crazy. Of course he won’t stay on his meds, but he keeps making music, writing songs. He ends up in Austin Tx. and of course becomes a cult hero. His songs are great, but he’s not a great performer, other artist do his song better then he can. I liked it.

Party Monster. This is about a guy that moves to NYC and is a party planner for the hottest bars in town. At the time the Limelight is one of the hottest clubs and he works a lot with them. Of course there are lot’s of drugs, sex and rock and roll. Then someone is murdered. This one was okay. kinda depressing

Be here to Love Me. This is Margaret Browns first film. She just make a big noise with her film ” Order Of Myths”. It was about Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama. This is a documentary about Towns Van Zant. He was also a song writer, a great song writer. But he was very self destructive. A lot of famous country stars have made hits of his songs and are interviewed in the film. This is one of the best films I have seen lately.

Another film I thought was really good was A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. This is a film about a kid growing up in Astoria, NY. One of my favs Robert Downey Jr. stared in this one. I really enjoyed this story, a real to life film, I guess that’s why I like doc’s so much. Downey Jr. is good and anything he is in is good in my opinion.

I also watched A History of Violence. Not bad, good actors and a good story. I would recommend it.

I also watched Super High, it was stupid. It was a take off on Super Size Me, except this guy smoked as much dope as he could instead of eating every meal at McDonald’s. Don’t waste your time or your mind. Go to McDonald’s instead.

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