Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Do I sound Southern? she asked…..


Do I look stupid, he ask?

We got to JFK Airport about 7 p.m. Friday night. It wasn’t as cold as I had expected. We got a cab to Lisa’s APT. Lisa was at work and I knew she had worked til 10:30 the last two nights, I didn’t expect to see her til about 11 p.m. or so. We actually took a cab to the bar around the corner from her APT, and got a key from her friend. The Minetta Tavern.

We then let ourself in, dropped the luggage and went straight out for a Falafa sandwich. We got one from Maomons and one from Kings. I couldn’t tell the difference. Five Bloody Marys on the flight and I was just hungry.


But we ate it all and then went back out and got a baba ganoush. It was all so very good. Then we decided to go for a walk. A couple of blocks up Bleeker and we came across the PINKBERRY . It is a high tech, Asian comic book influenced, yogurt parlor. They offered their original flavor or green tea flavor with a plethora of fresh toppings. We both got the original flavor with different toppings. They ask my name at the check out counter and I told them “Tracy”. I decided I wanted to change my name to “Kim”. The young lady said that was fine. And the fellow scooping our yogurt, said “I don’t blame you” pointing to his name tage “look at my name”. It read DANA. The yogurt rocked. And as walked up the street eating it, a group of girls asked us “Hey, where’s the Pinkberry ?” .

Then Lisa came home, we hugged and talked for a moment. We told her we planned to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge the next day, she said she was with us. We then all went to bed.

Stacey and I have our own personal bedroom in the West Village, NYC, as far as we are concerned. Right now Lisa has a 1 bedroom APT and she always gives us the bedroom when we come to see her. We always spend a few nights and go to bars, restaurants, and private parties. We always have very much fun and expect the same for this weekend. A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and a train trip straight up the Hudson River to the DIA museum in Beacon. It’s about an hour and a half north of NYC.

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