Friday, November 30, 2007

Dia Beacon, New York


On our last trip to New York, just a couple of weeks ago, we made a day trip to a museum that is about 80 mile north of the city. The place is called Dia Beacon and it is the Dia Foundations Beacon N.Y. location. They have a location in the city and this location we visited houses their large format and site specific pieces.

So we got up Sunday morning and I must say, I was a bit hung over. The first thing I did, while Lisa and Stacey got ready, was go out and get a slice of pizza. Joe’s Famous, known for it’s hangover curing powers. That slice and a bacon, egg and cheese croissant did the trick.

Then it was off to Grand Central Station to catch a train up the Hudson River to the Dia Beacon. This was quite a train ride. The Hudson is a mighty river and the train ran right beside it for most of the trip. That would be one hell of a commute everyday, it was beautiful. It was a good time of the year to see the colors of the trees as they changed for the season. The river itself is something to see, at one point we saw an old castle that had been built in the middle of the river. It was nothing but a shell, but you could tell exactly what it once was and it was very cool looking, just sitting out in the middle of all that water.


Click on this link to the Dia to learn more and to see the art on display. We were not all that happy with what was on display, but that didn’t ruin the trip for us. There was some art we enjoyed and the building it was all in was great. It had been a box spring factory and around 2002 Dia moved in. It is a huge space with tons of natural light. Acres and acres of old hardwood floors that show the wear and tear of the years as a production plant.

I think the train ride there and back, as it was getting dark were really the highlights of this trip. To bad we don’t have more train service in America, I would love to be able to hop on a train down to Mobile or over to Birmingham. I guess the demand just isn’t there. Instead we all just hop in our car. So sad.

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