Friday, February 22, 2008

bunch a paintings and cigar box cabinet

I got a lot of work to do these days. Usually I would have to be out in the streets, doing markets on the weekend to stay this busy. Maybe after ten years I won’t have to do so many markets, the phone rings and rings. I get a call almost everyday about work. It’s nice to pick and choose a little. I have been turning down furniture jobs that don’t interest me, that’s nice. Used to be I said yes before a person could get the question out of their mouth. I said yes to most any furniture job, not so much anymore. I want to do more painting and less furniture, seems it’s gonna work out for me.

Right now I’m doing about five paintings, some are orders, some are for events. Tomorrow some friends are part of a wine event at their doggie boutique. That’s right wine at the doggie boutique. I have a couple of pieces hanging there and will hang more for this event. They tell me they sell a thousand tickets for this “wine crawl” so maybe I’ll sell something.


I am also working on a cabinet for the crazy client that had me make a coffee table from a old pickup truck tail gate. This time I have built a cabinet that is 40″ wide and 30″ tall and 24″ deep. I have finished the building of this project and am now covering the whole thing in cigar box lids. It looks great. This lady has collected about a million cigar boxes and didn’t know what to do with them. I like it, think it’s a good idea.


Even with all this hard work to do I will make time today to have lunch with Chef. Our plan is to hit 2 or 3 taco joints in my hood and then head a little further south and check out a place I have spied lately. It has a sign out front that says something like “tropical market and pig grill”. Sometimes I see a lady cooking at an outdoor grill, sometimes I see no one. I got to check it out and Chef is just the guy to do it with. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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