Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The Ozarks. It’s a nice place. Stacey and I have been visiting there, on and off for the last 20 years. We have found some really cool spots to visit and good places to eat. Doe’s Eat Place for one. There are a few around Mississippi and Arkansas. The first was in Greenville, Mississippi. It was first opened as a grocery store by the Signa family, they called it Papa’s Store. In 1927 a flood put them out of business and the father of the Signa family turned to bootlegging to get back on his feet.

Then in 1941 they opened as a bar, a honky tony if you will, serving blacks only. The white folks had to enter through the back door. The white folks also got fed in the back. But, soon Doe’s was doing more business as a restaurant so they closed the bar and made the whole joint a eat place.

Still going strong to this day, serving steak by the pound and some really good tamales.

We didn’t make to Doe’s to eat last time we were in Arkansas, but we did eat at James at the Mill. This is on the other end of the dining experience of Doe’s Eat Place. James at the Mill is fine dining. He refers to his food as Ozark Plateau Cuisine. I call it cowboy food. Big food, big flavors. Andouille corn dogs, Mac and cheese with truffles. Steaks. You know what I mean, big food.The restaurant is also a beautiful work of architecture, full of art and high design.

We also visited two chapels designed by renowned architect Fay Jones. I have written about Jones and his chapels in the woods before, search back for that post. Today I’m just gonna post a photo Stacey took a few weeks ago on our last visit.

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