Friday, January 8, 2010


Can't really bitch, but I will. It's wicked cold here in Atlanta. I know, I know nothing like Minnesota or some other stupid place. I know we only get about a month of this kind of weather at the most. But, still I will bitch.  Makes me warm.

It also makes me stay in doors and really cut's down on production. I have managed to get a few jobs finished up lately. One is a painting for a friend. You can guess where he might be from and what NFL team he pulls for. The Buffalo is a plywood cut out. Once I paint it I distress it, mainly the edges. I distress the painting and the frame to match the old metal the Buffalo is mounted on. The metal is old roofing from the slave quarters of the Oak Grove Plantation. It is just south of the city and is now being used as a bed and breakfast. The frame wood was salvaged from a Mardi Gras float from Mobile.

The 2nd photo is of a pair of end cabinets for a customer. Antique pine from the bedroom I am renovating in my house. These match a headboard I built for her a couple of years ago.

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