Saturday, December 19, 2009


So Saturday night I'm listening to a radio show and one of the musical guest is introduced as having a Cd package of his life work, so far that is, and it took over 90 Cd's to cover it all. Got me to thinking, what the hell am I doing. I'm standing in my kitchen, drinking a vodka martini, listening to the radio. Nothing, that's what I'm doing, a bunch of nothing. So I mix another martini to help me think about all this nothing I'm doing.

Not for nothing, but I'm not so sure we ain't supposed to be doing to much. Especially if it ain't fun. That part I sure about, if it ain't fun don't do it. If you got to do stuff that ain't fun make sure you counter it with stuff that's fun. It's all about decisions. You got to decide what you can and can't control and you got to decide what makes you happy.

I was talking to friend about children. I expressed how I kind of felt guilty not ever having children. Kind of like I was greedy with my life. I thought one reason I may have never had kids was they never fit my life style. I wasn't sure that was a good reason. My friend shared her thought which was we are not all put here on earth to have children. There certainly isn't a shortage of children in this world.

I have no idea where I'm going with this, it's starting to sound like bullshit to me. I guess it's the slacker thing. The martini thing. Maybe we all aren't put on earth to compose 60 Cd's of music. Maybe we are not supposed to be the President of the good old USA. Hell, maybe were not supposed to be the president of the our kids PTA. That's if we had kids.

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