Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Well, since my wife now lives in Georgia I would have to give this award to Phil's Barbeque in beautiful downtown Eufaula, Alabama.

I googled Phil's and the first 8 hits were for places in either San Diego or St. Louis . As popular as BBQ and food blogs are these days you would think Phil's in Eufaula would rank a little higher. Well if you ate at Phil's in Eufaula you would agree with me. I'm sure.

We came across Phil's on our way to the beach a few weeks back. We were driving from Atlanta to Indian Pass Beach in the pan handle of Fla. I love a road trip. We fly just about everywhere, my wife owns Delta Airlines, at least that's what she tells me. Anyway road trips are fun when your not in a hurry and not on the interstate. We had both going for us and that gave us the chance to spot the sign directing us to the best butts in Alabama.

Phil's could be any BBQ joint in the southeast. A low cinder block building, smoke stack, screen porch, metal roof, a parking lot full of cars. You order and they bring it to your table. There were no tables available and a few folks waiting so we got it to go. We both ordered a chopped pork sandwich and a large slaw to split. At this point we didn't know what we were in for or I bet we would have ordered a lot more. Enough for a couple meals at the beach I'm sure. See this was really, really good BBQ. And it was what they said it was, chopped not pulled or minced as some places do and then call it pulled. This was called chopped and it was. Huge chunks, with the gristle and a little fat in tact. Both pink and a little char in the same bite. Juicy. They had applied just the right amount of a mustard based BBQ sauce. South Cackalack style. Man it was good. Mustard, brown sugar and vinegar go into this sauce and they had the balance just right.

So as we ride down the road eating these bodaciously good sandwiches I began to cry. Of course Stacey noticed and I told her the truth. I cried because I didn't order enough food. Like I said this was really good stuff. I have been waiting for this a long time. I have been waiting to discover really good, or what I think is really good BBQ. Yes, I have been to many good BBQ spots. Some I found on my own some I have read about and sought out. But, none have mad me cry. That's what I'm looking for in BBQ, something so good it makes me cry. Do you think I'm expecting to much? Might be, but it ain't my fault. I have read so many times about the best BBQ joints in the whole world. I have even gone out and found these places they write of. Never have I said "that writer was right, that is the best BBQ in the world". Well now I have found a place and right now it the best I know of. It might not be true. Don't matter, it's my opinion.

Best Butt's in Bama by far, but only so far. My quest for good food of all kinds is just getting started.

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