Tuesday, August 25, 2009

last night my wife tried to kill me!

Lucky me. When I do "go", I wanna die a slow death from "pork overload". Can ya think of a better way to go? I guess Lil Lady can't either, cause she tried to kill me with pork last night.

It's BLT season around my house. We have had BLT's for lunch or dinner 3 or 4 times a week now for a few months. Since tomato's have been ripe anyway. Last night, after a bike ride to the local farmers market, we sat on the front porch and sipped our cocktails and discussed dinner. We do this almost every night. During the summertime we run our kitchen like any good restaurant, we eat whats in season and what looks good at the market. We cook less since so much produce needs not be cooked and also to keep the heat in the house to a minimum. We do not have a vent hood over the stove. We will soon. I never realized how much they help.

Anyway, we decided on BLT's for dinner. We had just bought some beautiful, small ciabatta loaves. They were baked at the Holman Finch Bakery and we were lucky to find them at a southside farmers market. We had a hand full of Zebra tomato's I picked up at the Serenbe Market this past Saturday. I love the Zebra tomato's, green and yellow striped skin with that good acid taste.

So Stacey went to work. Pine Street bacon. Click here to check out the site, really good bacon, from a local guy. The ciabatta, smeared on one side with mayo and the other side got wasabi mayo. The wasabi mayo came from Trader Joe's, if ya don't know it check it out here. She then added the tomato's and some basil I had grown, then the part where she tried to kill me.

That's right she tried to kill me. What SHE did was take thin slices of a pork roast that had been stuffed with a pork sausage dressing and added that to pork bacon she had already layered on the sandwich. As I bit into this lushious, fat ladened, cholesterol bomb I could feel my blood flow slow down. My heart skipped a few beats and I fell to the floor. Lucky for me I looked up just in time to catch my falling sandwich. I also caught a glimpse of Stacey, looking at me and I knew she was thinking, "finally, I've done it, death by pork, no one will ever know. I'll collect all the insurance money". That's what she was thinking when I caught the BLT and laying on the floor I took a bite, then another and another til I finished that sandwich. I then stood up and looked Stacey in the eye and I told her, "you might slow me down, but you can never kill me with pork".

Then I kissed her and thanked her for the wonderful sandwich.

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